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4th of July in the Adirondacks

I think I can safely say that summer in the Adirondacks is my favorite vacation destination.  My brother and both had a four day weekend for this July 4th, so decided to take advantage by heading up to Lake Placid once again to tackle another high peak.  Mt. Colden now officially marks my 4th high

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Adirondacks in the Summer & My Second High Peak

I’ve been doing great this summer with actually doing the things I say I’m going to do. Case in point: I managed to finally make it up to Lake Placid during the summer, which I’ve been threatening since going up there for the first time four years ago. I had a weekend off this past August,

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Weekend Trip Idea: Saranac Lake New York

One of my life goals is to stay at an ice hotel which probably won’t happen for a couple of years because there isn’t anywhere cold enough in the U.S. to sustain such a structure (I think the closest is Quebec), but also because they are insanely, insanely expensive. I’ll do it someday, just probably

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