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Curling Lessons

There’s few things I actually consider myself good at: writing, planning things, making playlists, chugging beer, making omelets, and reading books in record amounts of time, are some of the items on this short list. I also happen to be a very skilled foosball player (that’s literally never helped me with anything), and am historically

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Lake Placid: More Than Just a Ski Trip

“You’re going to wait for the buzzer to go off.  Walk outside and get into the  black Suburban.  It’ll take you up the mountain to your destination.”  Those were my instructions as I got ready to go bobsledding at the Olympic Sports Complex in Lake Placid, New York.  If I hadn’t paid $65.00, in a very

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Heading North

I’m gearing up for a Brothwell family “winter-fun” trip to Lake Placid this weekend and hoping global warming doesn’t royally screw up our plans. I love the idea of a ski trip.   I like the whole ski-town atmosphere.  I like winter sports, and I love bar hopping in the snow.  Unfortunately I do not downhill

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