Heading North

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I’m gearing up for a Brothwell family “winter-fun” trip to Lake Placid this weekend and hoping global warming doesn’t royally screw up our plans.

I love the idea of a ski trip.   I like the whole ski-town atmosphere.  I like winter sports, and I love bar hopping in the snow.  Unfortunately I do not downhill ski which forces me to create “winter fun” trips.

I’ve been been working and bringing home a solid paycheck for coming on two and half years now.  I figured this was about the time I owed my parents one big thanks-for-putting-up-with-all-my-shit for twenty five years gift.   Instead of planning a winter fun trip for my friends (last year we did Hunter Mt and winter ziplining) I’d plan (and pay…partially at least) for one for my family.  Myself, dad, mom, brother, and sister will head up to Lake Placid after the work day on Friday. It’ll be a full day of driving for me.  I’m leaving at 7 from Lancaster, picking up my sister in Philly, and heading home to Browndale where my parents have rented a van to take us the remaining 5 hours to Lake Placid.

My family and I are all avid cross country skiiers (an extremely underrated sport that I’ll be devoting a post too sometime in the near future). After doing some research into several cross country ski resorts, I settled on Lake Placid for the following reasons:

  • It’s a reasonable drive.  The real snow may be in VT, but doesn’t warrant 18+ hours in the car for one weekend (what does warrant that is seeing the Dropkick Murphys on St. Patrick’s day..IN MASSACHUSETTS).
  • Lake Placid has an actual ski-town.  Hunter Mountain was fun, but we ended up staying fifteen minutes from the mountain out in the country.  From our hotel in Lake Placid we could walk to a bevy of restaraunts and (who am I kidding) bars.
  • Lake Placid has many cross country skiing options, including the former trails for the 1984 Winter Olympics.
  • The Winter Olympics were held there.  While I don’t follow many sports religiously, when the Olympics are happening, I’m glued to the television.  Most of the old venues are open for tours…and they offer bobsledding rides (this was the deciding factor).

We’re staying at the Mt. View Inn, which I picked for it’s downtown location and economic prices.  The only activities we’re dead set on thurs far are cross country skiing and bobsledding.  We also have a gift card to the Lake Placid Brewery.  Other than that, the trip is pretty open.  My dad wants to go ice skating (in the former Olympic stadium) and my mother wants to ride the Gondola up Whiteface Mt.  I’m interested in touring the ski-jump facilities and the biathalon experience they have advertiested (skiing and shooting) looks like it may up my street cred.  Dog sled rides are offered on Lake Placid every Saturday morning, which I hope are geared towards adults, thought I have a feeling it’s a little kid thing.  I might just bite the bullet and embarass myself waiting in line with ten year olds.

Two busy days of work and then we’re off.  I’ll be posting about the experience next week and updating with pictures through the weekend.

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