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I’m sitting here typing completely exhausted and sore in places I never expected to be sore, all because I partook in a yoga class this morning.

My uncle and cousins have been attending weekly yoga classes at Studio Be in Forest City, PA (I’m home for Christmas) and have been trying to get me to go since Thanksgiving. I’m always up for trying out new athletic endeavors, and have wanted to try yoga for some time now. I already incorporate several yoga techniques into my weight workouts, and am very aware that I need something to help with my flexibility. What I was not expecting was yoga to be as intense as it was.
I liked my experience at Studio Be mostly because of the laid back attitude. My sister, and one friend have both recently tried yoga at gyms were people take it very seriously and were yelled at throughout the session. Our instructor, while taking it seriously, didn’t get made when my cousin and my inability to bend into very basic poses caused us to laugh and would come over frequently to guide us into the correct positions in an uncondescending manner. At the end of the workout the instructor had us lay completely still while talking about inner peace. Now, I don’t really buy into all the holistic healing, inner peace, connect with the earth type shtick, but I’ll tell ya: it was relaxing as hell.

As I’ve said, what I was most impressed with was how intense the workout was. I soaked my clothes with sweat and was pushed to my limit not only in flexibility but in strength training by holding poses as well. I have a newfound respect for the girls I’ve seen in their yoga pants and mats who I always thought were interested in a trendy/low impact workout.

I definitely want to check out another session, hopefully while I’m still home, but if not at my Lancaster gym. I just want to make sure it’s another laid back instructor and that I’m not dealing with a yoga Nazi. If you’re in the FC area, check out the classes here. My uncle (who I swear is more into the yoga because of aforementioned yoga pants) mentioned checking out hot yoga. I think I’m in.

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