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Boating Pittsburgh

I spent last weekend out in Pittsburgh for my brother’s law school graduation, and while I’m super excited and proud for him (although, truth be told, a lawyer in the family probably would have been helpful during my undergrad years), part of me is bummed. When he’s done with the bar this July, he’ll be

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Paddle Boarding Pennsylvania

Are you guys ready for spring? I begrudgingly am. I only say begrudgingly because, while I am ready for it to be warmer and am pretty sick of driving to work in blizzards, this was a great winter for me in terms of cross country skiing, and snowshoeing a lot. I still may try to

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Kayaking & Piano Bars in Pittsburgh

I’m actually embarrassed for how long it took me to write this post.¬† My excuse is that it’s the start of the school year and that always brings about a lot of extra work. I forget every year how time consuming¬†grading papers is.¬† I’m also going to shamelessly self promote myself here. I’ve gotten the

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