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Paddle Boarding Pennsylvania

Are you guys ready for spring? I begrudgingly am. I only say begrudgingly because, while I am ready for it to be warmer and am pretty sick of driving to work in blizzards, this was a great winter for me in terms of cross country skiing, and snowshoeing a lot. I still may try to

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5 Fun Ways to Stay in Shape This Spring/Summer

I’ve done a version of this post for both fall and winter and initially wanted to do one for spring and one for summer, but I mean, it’s mid-May and by this point there’s not much difference between the spring and the summer weather. The crux of these posts was simply that I really like to

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A Little Instagram Action at Marsh Creek.

I spent this 90 degree Memorial Day at Marsh Creek Paddle Boarding; it’s becoming my new addiction. We paddled for three hours, at least one full one being spent lounging in the middle of the lake. My friend’s girlfriend informed us that “paddle boarding yoga” is now a thing. We attempted a few yoga poses (none

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