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Boating Pittsburgh

I spent last weekend out in Pittsburgh for my brother’s law school graduation, and while I’m super excited and proud for him (although, truth be told, a lawyer in the family probably would have been helpful during my undergrad years), part of me is bummed. When he’s done with the bar this July, he’ll be

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Summering on the Cape Part 1: Cat Boats, Lobster Dinners, and an Ode to Narragansett Lager

      Last summer, I ended up going to Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard for a long weekend. I actually wrote about the planned itinerary, but never ended up writing much about the trip, because as soon as I got home, I got real sick for a week (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some

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Weekend Trip Idea: Huntingdon PA

I tried my best to find something Irish-themed for this week, but to no avail, or rather nothing that could sustain an entire weekend trip. Despite having a Belfast, Donegal and Dublin in our state limits, none of them possess anything that would remotely make me want to visit (no offense to anyone who resides

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