Weekend Trip Idea: Huntingdon PA

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I tried my best to find something Irish-themed for this week, but to no avail, or rather nothing that could sustain an entire weekend trip. Despite having a Belfast, Donegal and Dublin in our state limits, none of them possess anything that would remotely make me want to visit (no offense to anyone who resides in, and loves those places).

This weekend trip idea is the small town of Huntingdon, PA which, similar to my northern neighbor of Lititz has made once made the Budget Traveler’s “Coolest Small Towns” list, albeit it be in 2009, and number 5, unlike Lititz’s number 1 spot.

Huntingdon is located smack in the middle of the state (ok, skewed towards the south western middle portion) about 100 miles west of Harrisburg, approximately 30 miles east of Altoona and about the same distance south of State College. It’s the county seat of Huntingdon County, which I discovered was a PA county just about five minutes ago. At 7,000 Huntingdon is on the larger side of small town and is the home of Juniata College.

Huntingdon is randomly home to several cave tours in and around the town.  Lincoln Caverns  is in the town while Indian Cavern and Penn’s Cave are within driving distance, the latter offering boat tours of the caves and a jeep tour up and down the mountain in which the cave is located. Nearby Raystown Lake also has a ziplining and canopy course. Speaking of Raystown Lake, this nearby body of water is one of the most popular reason for visiting Huntingdon and their website has a ton of resources for water sports, hiking, camping and other outdoor lake-centric recreation.

Huntingdon Lake is big enough that houseboating is a popular form of recreation and I honestly think that might be the best, and certainly most unique way to enjoy this PA small town. I’m actually going to start looking into how much this would cost, as I think it’d be a relaxing way to spend a weekend.

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