Weekly Check In: 5 Things I’m Obsessed With Today

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It’s been a bit since I’ve updated on here. The weak excuses? I was sick, work’s been busy, AND I’ve been traveling a lot on weekends, and getting in late Sundays (Sunday nights are big blogging times for me).  I’m consistently impressed with those who can churn out content everyday, make it look more professional than mine, and also hold real jobs. That being said, my life’s calming down a bit (for the next few weeks at least), so I’ll have a little more time to do a little more updating (I actually have quite a few posts in the pipeline at the moment, it’s just that the whole proofing/editing thing can take forever).

Now that that disclaimer’s out of the way, what I’ll be sharing with you guys on this fine Tuesday, is five travel/weekend related things I’m currently obsessed with, and excited about, for no particular reason. Here we go:

  1. Lancaster County Outdoor Trail- I’ve covered plenty of Ale Trails on the blog, and recently was lucky enough to stumble across a Lobster Roll Trail. The newest promotional “trail” to come across my social-media newsfeeds is the Lancaster County Outdoor Trail. Despite the county being very developed (it’s farmland sure, but uber developed, manicured farmland), I always found there were tons of outdoorsy things to do when I lived in Lancaster. I particularly was a fan of all the hiking you could do on the banks of the Susquehanna, and truth be told, probably didn’t explore the outdoor options as much as I could’ve. This handy checklist, available on the DiscoverLancaster.com website is adding more items to my already overstuffed bucket list.  I bought my mother a gift certificate to Strasburg Scooters for Christmas last year, which we’re planning on using sometime this fall, and Sickman’s Mill tubing is probably the item on the list I regret not doing most.  Lancaster is really cool, really beautiful, and these are great new ways to see it.
  2. Tuk-Tuk Lancaster– When I first saw this pop up on my Instagram, I though Lancaster had gotten rickshaws to transport drunks around on Friday night. I was into that idea, but that’s not what Lancaster Tuk-Tuk is. Unlike a rickshaw, Tuk-Tuk’s are motorized, and these particular ones are not driving you from Springhouse to LBC, but rather take you on tours around Lancaster’s thriving downtown. They offer various options ranging from brunch and dinner tours (interested), to general overview tours (less interested, only because I lived downtown for 5 years), and a “refugee tour” highlighting how international refugees help contribute to the fabric of Lancaster city (interested). Amish buggy tours are overdone and hokey. I have no interest in ever going on one. I’m probably going to add at least one of these to my next Lancaster trip.
  3. Stuff’d Pierogi Bar This is a bar in Pittsburgh dedicated to pierogies.  I used to be a pierogi purist who rallied against bastardized versions, but Frank’s buffalo pierogis opened my mind, and my stomach. I don’t think this one requires anymore explanation.
  4. My friend Eric’s Upcoming Bachelor Party- I never thought of Eric as a violent person. However, at his request, his bachelor party is going to be comprised of ax throwing on Friday, and skeet shooting Saturday. There’s also rumors that plenty of beer and bbq will be involved, and I’m ridiculously excited for this potent combination.
  5. Three Free Weekends– I’m not going to complain about being busy because I’ve been traveling. I realize how privileged I am.  However, I will relish the fact that I have nothing at all planned, and can relax for the next three weekends. After that, the weddings start up again, and then it’s holiday time. I’m in the calm before the storm.

BONUS: Also this somewhat disgusting story. I’m an avid newsreader who enjoys staying up to date with current events, however I’ve been on something of a self-imposed news hiatus as of late. Everything is depressing. The absurdity of this story though, is the beacon of hope I needed.

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