Weekly Check In:All By Myself

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I get lost in a lot of internet wormholes. Most of the times I end up looking at junk. A fair percentage of the time, I end up learning something I’m never going to need to know (I recently got sucked into this really interesting article about high end movers), and then every now and then, if it’s a good day and the gods are smiling down at me, I find either a really great trip idea, or something that resonates with me.  One such find, was one of those ubiquitous “30 Things I Learned At 30” lists, that are usually at best banal, and at worst, horribly cliched.

For whatever reason though, this one stuck. The advice was solid, creative, yet practical and doable.  Maybe I just liked it because it seems the author and I learned a lot of the same lessons, and seem to hold similar values.  I too always tip at least 20%. In fact, I openly judge those who don’t.  I’m learning this year (at 31), how therapeutic journaling can be, and have finally come to the realization that last call is more evil than benevolent.  I’ve kept on overnight bag packed in my trunk for years now, and am almost always on time, if not early.  Then I got to one, that again, I agreed on, shaking my affirmatively as I read, “travel alone at least once a year,” until I realized, I kind of half ass that one.

I’m a big proponent of doing things alone. I think too many people miss out on too many things because they can’t find anyone to go. I eat alone often.  I’ll explore small towns on my own.  I’m going hiking on my own tomorrow, and I almost exclusively see movies by myself. I think it’s healthy, and it pushes you out of your comfort zone. That all being said, I’ve never been on an overnight trip by myself, just for the hell of it.

Who would’ve taken this awesome photograph, had I been by myself?

I mean, I’ve been away for work, where I’m the only person I know. I’ve certainly flown, and driven places alone, and I’ve taken plenty of solo road trips; I really relish those. But I’ve never gone for a multiple day trek all by myself.  I have multiple friends who have. I’ve had friends who’ve gone to Thailand, those who bused around Europe, and my brother did Ireland for the first time solo. None of them regretted it.  I’m not against it in any way, it’s just that usually all the big trips I plan are either with a group of people, or hatched in cahoots with someone.  I’d like to add this to my repertoire. I think it’d be a nice break, and fun for a change to be able to lay low in a new location, reading, writing, or just reflecting at wherever I stay, or else a bit of a challenge exploring a new nighttime territory on my own.

I think I might  try and whip up a solo trip for November. Nothing crazy, no where super far (I’m trying to be especially budget conscious this fall), but I have a couple vacation days I need to use up for the end of the year, and am thinking of taking maybe a Monday/Tuesday off during the week, and heading off into the great unknown, Monday/Tuesday being a cognizant choice so I don’t try and round up a group at the last minute.

Any solo road trip suggestions? I’m thinking maybe back up the Adirondacks to bag one or two more high peaks if the weather’s still good, just because I find a solo hike so relaxing, but part of me thinks that may be too easy, maybe too familiar. Maybe Burlington? There’s a couple Vermont hikes I’d love to tackle as well. Again though, while I’m not as familiar as the Adirondacks, that would be a repeat trip. I’ve also been wanting to check out Toronto for some time, and randomly Ottawa as well (they have a hostel in a jail there!). Then there’s Kingston,  New York,  which is close to a lot of breweries and hikes I’d like to tackle, but just a bit too far for a day trip.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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