Five Cheap & Easy Ways to Stay in Shape This Fall

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I’ve officially gotten to the point where I can’t eat and drink whatever I want without consequences. I was blessed with a pretty legit metabolism when I was younger, I pushed its limits in college, that’s for sure, but sometime around 25 it up and quit on me. I’ve since had to watch (moderately) what I put into my body and be cognizant about working out more than I used too. I’d often go full weekends and holidays without watching myself or doing anything more active than the beer-can curl, but after friends started putting their hands on my stomach a month after this terrifying Christmas season and asking when I’m due, I’ve figured that I need to amend that a little.

I shouldn’t make myself sound like a complete slob. I’ve always been a pretty active guy and if you haven’t noticed I like to usually incorporate some sort of physical/outdoor activity into a good chunk of the weekend trips that I take.  I’ve been also trying to incorporate just a bit more physical activities in the weekends I’m just hanging around Lancaster or back home up in NEPA. I’ve also been trying to focus a little bit more on the “weekend” side of this blog, those weekends when you’re staying near home, for whatever reason, but still want to do something fun. I’m right there with you. Even on these low key weekends, I don’t always feel like doing my normal routine of hitting the gym and going on the run if it’s the weekend.

I try to find something a little out of the ordinary or more fun, and something that I can do with friends and possibly even incorporate some adult beverages into.

Coincidentally the fall is my favorite time of year to be outside. I love “sweatshirt weather,” where it’s not so hot you’re soaked with sweat just walking to the car but not cold enough to be uncomfortable. I live outside in the fall.

So, without further ado, I present you with my list of 5 fall activities for you to partake in on the weekends that’ll help get your waistline trim (trimish), won’t destroy your checking account and are fun to do with friends:

1) Hiking:

LIke I said before, fall is my favorite time to be outdoors and in my opinion the best time in PA to go for a hike. Growing up in NEPA and being forced on one too many “rides to look at leaves” with my mother  has left me sort of numb to the beauty of fall foliage but if that’s something that gets you all hot and bothered, it’s here in abundance.

I know some people always lament hiking as being boring which is why you need to pick a good trail, not just an old flat train track in the woods (I mean, that could be appealing, but it’s a better place to go for a jog or bike ride).  I always try to pick somewhere with an ascent or descent as you then get sweaty and rewarded with a good view.

If you have a ski resort in close proximity, those are the best and the easiest to actually get a group of people to do with you (although I’m not opposed to a solo hike).  The hike’s are intense but not too time consuming and you’re usually rewarded with a pretty good view on the top, which, if you’ve popped some cold ones into a backpack, deserves some celebration.

2) Tennis:

I don’t know why more people don’t play tennis. I complain about this all the time.

If you actually know how to play it’s a great workout, you only need one other person, and once you purchase a racket and some balls (which you could do for under $40.00) its virtually free. Most towns  have public parks with tennis courts and often schools don’t mind if you use theirs, granted there’s not practice or a game.

I also like tennis because I feel it’s one of the few sports where guys and girls could play one another on a fairly level playing field. And unlike golf (which everyone seems to play), tennis doesn’t have to take all afternoon. You could play a quick few sets if you just want to blow off some steam or take the time to do an entire match. A lot of places boast multiple courts so you can have a couple games going if you are so inclined. Tennis rules and scoring could get a bit complicated, so check here if you need a refresher.

3) SIgn Up for a Race:

I feel like everyone I know (ie: everyone I stalk on Facebook) is running in a race lately, whether it be half marathons (not sure why you would want to torture yourself in such a manner) themed 5k’s or various mudruns (there’s a lot to chose from). I just ran a zombie 5k with a bunch of my friends this past weekend. It’s a good excuse to get us out of the house, get some exercise, and also catch up with each other. Plus, if you’re concerned about kicking yourself back into shape, training for a race gives you some sort of purpose. The race we’re doing is a little on the pricey end ($100) but you could find plenty for $50.00 or less and there always seems to be Groupon or Living Social deals.

4) Rock Gym:

Indoor rock gyms seem to be pretty trendy these days too, and by trendy I mean more accessible then they were in the past.  Rock gyms are indoors, sure, but you pay hourly so they don’t tie up your entire Saturday, they’re a helluva workout and another good activity to do with a group of friends. Plus, if you spend an hour climbing, doesn’t that make you feel a bit better about the day drinking that’ll probably occur afterwards?

And hey, once you get a few gym runs in maybe you’ll be ready for the real thing? If you’re staying local to begin with, doing a guided rock climbing expedition shouldn’t set your wallet back too much. For example, The Doylestown Rock Gym offers 4 hours of guided outdoor climbing with an instructor for only $85 a climber (and that’s with two people, rates go down if you have more).  Doing a quick google search, I also found instruction in Ohiopyle and I’m sure if you did some more specialized searches of your area something might come up.

5) Yoga:

Here me out before you automatically dismiss this. I was always a little wary of yoga myself until two years ago when my uncle and cousins dragged me along to a session.  It’s a completely different workout then those of you who regularly gym it and run and will having you feel sore in all sorts of weird but good ways. It’s also a low impact workout that might be alittle more forgiving if maybe you overdid it a bit on Friday, but still want to get some activity in.

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