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Weekly Check In: My 2017 Summer Plans, as well as 10 Places I Want To Go This Summer, But Probably Won’t Have Time

It’s that time of year when we start squaring off our summer plans. ¬†My summer is looking a bit more lax then usual. I have a bunch of trips I’m planning to take, but aside from a couple, I don’t have dates picked out yet. That’s partially by design. Last summer included 8 weddings, a

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A Day on the Finger Lakes Beer Trail

The Finger Lakes is primarily known around these parts as a destination for wine connoisseurs, bachelorette parties, and someplace your parents and their friends take a limo to for the afternoon and come back with an embarrassing¬†buzz. I’d always heard good things, but never had a strong pull to go because, well, wine’s just really

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