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Weekly Check In: A Visit to Endless Brewing

  I’ve been wanting to visit the Endless Brewing up in Susquehanna County for some time now.  My brother and dad went a year ago and liked it, and though I’m reticent to fully trust Yelp reviews, this one got no badmouthing.  The problem was always that it’s in the absolute middle of nowhere.  It

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Just a Few of the Reasons I’m Excited to be Back in NEPA

My last two posts were basically an extended lament about leaving Lancaster and returning to the NEPA motherland. I hope you didn’t get the wrong idea. While I am genuinely sad about leaving Lancaster, I’m not necessarily upset to be returning home. Sure, Lancaster has a lot of things Northeastern PA doesn’t. For one thing,

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Top NEPA Bars

Last week I clued you into my favorite Scranton bars as part of my March, “Favorite Bars of Pennsylvania series,” in case you find yourself at Scranton’s parade day this weekend and are looking for somewhere to imbibe. This week, I’ll be expanding to my top 10 favorite bars in Northeastern Pennsylvania in case you somehow find

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