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Waterfall Rappelling at the Delaware Water Gap

I’ve figured out the best strategy for gift buying: purchase a gift card for an activity that you’d like to do, and then gift it to whomever is entitled gifts for whatever occasion, promising them that you’ll be there at their side when they want to redeem it. Foolproof. This is both a short look

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2015 New Year’s Resolutions Part 1

So because every single year I do a recap of my New Year’s Resolutions and every year it’s an exercise in disappointment, I’m going to scale it down a bit this year and keep it completely reasonable, keeping in mind my actual budget (not what I wish my budget would be), the amount of time

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Weekend Trip Idea: Fayetteville West Virginia Bridgewalk

I’m not completely sure why I’m featuring this as a weekend trip idea because this would scare me completely shitless, but it piqued my interest.  This weekend trip idea is built around the Fayetteville West Virginia Bridgewalk. Fayetteville is a relatively small town of just around 2,700 people located in southern West Virginia.  I just mapquested

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