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A 2015 Recap

Every year I make myself a list of weekend resolutions, and every year I set unrealistic goals that set me up for failure. Last year, I tried to be more realistic, but still set myself two separate posts of over 10 resolutions (some, which came with sub-resolutions). You could see them here and here. Every

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Weekend Trip Idea: Burlington Vermont

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m a fan of “small cities.”  Sure, places like New York, Philly, and Boston are great to visit, but often times portions of these cities are so homogenized that they become interchangeable.  Big cities are also super transient.  People come there to get jobs.  You could walk

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Clothing Optional….Proceed at Your Own Risk

When I was in 7th grade my parents took us to Martha’s Vineyard for summer vacation.  I’d post pictures, but I was going through a really unfortunate Sun-In stage at the time.  Martha’s Vineyard is legit.  If you haven’t ever been, plan on doing so.  It’s got the classiness of Cape Cod, with some of the

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