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Tellus 360: Lancaster’s “New” Gathering Spot

Downtown Lancaster is a lovely place to walk around (sidenote: when did I start using the word “lovely” to describe things?). There’s Central Market, plenty of shops and restaurants and  enough bars to some damage. If you’re wandering down East King street, just past the Marriott, you’ll encounter Tellus 360, a sprawling storefront complex that

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The Saga of Duffy’s Cut & Tellus 360

If you’re driving along King Road near Malvern PA, a small town approximately 30 miles west of Philadelphia in the heart of Pennsylvania’s mainline, you’ll come across an innocuous historical marker at where King intersects Sugartown Road.  The marker tells the tale of Duffy’s Cut Mass grave, a black mark in Pennsylvania’s history that occurred 181 years ago.

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