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Gettysburg in Pictures

Last week I paid for the majority of my Ireland trip.  It left a pretty devastating hole in my bank account I’ve been trying not to look at.  I decided I should probably put in my head that my four day Memorial Day weekend would have to be cheap; I even considered using it as a work weekend.

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Country Music in Albany

Why Country? I publically hated country music for years.  It mainly had to do with high school insecurities, the kind where you have a carefully constructed image of yourself you want to project.  See, while I grew up in a developement, my school district was extremely rural and had a reputation as a “hick” school. 

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East State Penitentiary

Have you ever stood around at a tourist attraction and thought to yourself, “well, thank God for these crowds, they’re really enriching this experience”? I’m guessing not, as ideally having a place to yourself would be the way we’d see everything. Philadelphia’s East State Penitentiary may be the exception to this. Looking through a set

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