Weekly Check In- Some Breweries I’d Like to Visit

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Much like hikes, books, and things to watch on Netflix, I can’t seem to keep up with all the breweries I’d like to experience. It doesn’t hurt that they’re popping up at rapid pace. There’s currently over 5,300 breweries operating in the United States. That’s insane. To give you some context, in 2012, just five years ago, there were less than 2,000.

I do pretty well with visiting new breweries between one-off visits, tacking them onto other trips, or spending an entire day exploring a region. Here are a couple of breweries currently sitting high on my “to-visit” list.

  1. Benny Brewing– Benny Brewing is the newest, closest brewery to me in Northeast PA. I had one of their lagers at a bar this past spring, and to be honest, I thought it was gross, BUT I’ve also heard good things from a few people who have visited.  They also advertise a biergarten bbq, and I am here for that.
  2. Arrowood Farms– Arrowood Farms is a working farm brewery in Accord, New York, near both the Mohonk Mt. House and Minnewaska State Park, two spots I really like to hike. Check out their Instagram, and I believe you’ll also want to go hang out there for an afternoon.
  3. Suarez Family Brewery-I also found this small, family run brewery, when I was searching for craft beer in the New Paltz area.  I like that they focus on ales and lagers, rather than IPA’s like everyone else.
  4. Funk Brewing– I’d heard of Funk before, being that they have locations in Kutztown and Elizabethtown, but really never gave them much thought. I had their Citrus IPA this summer at Cooper’s one afternoon, and that’s all it took to rocket it to the top of my list.
  5. Forest & Main– Forest & Main has been on my list for a while. It’s in Ambler PA, and located in a small-ish looking house, with a sweet front porch. I check their draft lists occasionally, and they always seem to have something new and interesting brewing.

Obviously, I have many more, but these are 5 whose websites and social media I’ve spent quite a bit of time on as of late.  As for concrete brewery plans, I’m going down to Conshohocken the last weekend of July, so think I’ll be able to cross Forest and Main off at that point.  Two weeks later I’m going up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and will be passing through Portsmouth, where Redhook and Smuttynose are located, so I look forward to trying to stop at those, time permitting of course. Lastly, I’ll be heading to Long Island’s North fork in September to visit Greenport Harbor Brewing Company. One of my good college friend’s dad works there, so we’ll hopefully be getting a VIP tour (she brought me a ton of their beer for my 30th birthday and it was all excellent), and the following weekend it’s up to Pawtucket Rhode Island to finally visit the Narragansett mothership with my father.

I usually hate when people who aren’t British sign off with “Cheers,” but it seems apt here, so CHEERS!


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