Weekly Check In: March 25, 2017

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I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog, sharing my weekend adventures, and dispensing my unsolicited weekend-fun advice.  I used to aim to post once a week, and there was one year I did really well with it (it was while I was teaching too, so I honestly have no idea how I found the time), but for the most part I’m happy to post twice a month or so. It turns out that writing a draft, editing pictures, fact-checking, background research, and proofreading is time consuming. I’m seriously in awe of those folks who can bang out one or more posts a day that are compelling reads, and that look professionally finished, ESPECIALLY, if like me, they’re doing so as a hobby.

I wish I could post more, but sometimes simply can’t find the time to be able to do so, and present it in a manner I’m proud to make public. This however, is not my only blog related conundrum. I, like most people (I’m assuming here) that blog as a hobby have a lot of thoughts. I like to share these thoughts, I like to discuss these thoughts, and sometimes I just like to process them via the written word. More often than not, these thoughts don’t make it into a post, because they are either the type of one-off thought or observation that say, warrants a Facebook status update, rather then a blog post, or isn’t cohesive enough to devote 700-1000 words to. Other times it’s some rambling about an article I read, that is maybe too long to just shoot a tweet off about, or something either Pennsylvania based, or weekend based, but which doesn’t really fall under what I cover here, or sometimes it’s actually about blogging, writing, or photography skills (or in my case, lack thereof).

This is all a very long-winded way to say that I’m going to be starting a new feature, that for now I’m simply titling “Weekly Check-In.” My goal is to publish a short post, at least once a week where I could just sort of stream-of-consiously riff on things I’ve read, seen, or done that I’d like to share and discuss, but which at the moment don’t necessarily fit into any of the longer posts I’m currently working on. There’s not going to be a theme, formats will very, and I’d say to expect a few typos here and there, because while I’ll still be proofing these, I want to be able to write out just a quick post if there’s something I’d like to share.  I also might end up posting more than once a week. We’ll see.

A cool thing I’ve noticed as this blog has sort of progressed through the years, and something I’ll be using this space to explore, is the ever-evolving definition of what falls under “weekend fun.”  When I started this blog it was usually heading to a city to get my drink on. I thought I was super cosmopolitan because I went to Philly and New York several times a year (I was pretty dumb up until age 25 or so).  Weekends had to be big. They had to be a thing.  As I’m writing this, I’m currently spending a weekend doing nothing but to catching up on some writing, some reading, some tv, and some podcasts. And, it’s fun. I’m enjoying it immensely.  I still like going out, and will likely always live for weekend trips, but at 31, weekend fun includes consuming media on my couch, so maybe a post will simply be the podcasts I currently like, or best 5 books I’ve recently read.

I also never cared about food, which is something I’ve mentioned several times as of late.  I used try and spend as little as possible on food, so that I could spend it on alcohol, travel expenses, and lodging. That was stupid.  Going out to eat is now one of my favorite parts of both trips and the weekend.  I did a trip up to Burlignton, VT this past fall that essentially became a culinary tour.  So maybe this space will also be simply sharing a new restaurant, or particularly excellent meal.

So I’m not 100% sure what these weekly posts are going to entail, but probably a little bit of everything. So, if you’re interested, watch this space and I’ll be back sometime this week.

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