Hiking Elk Mountain

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Elk Mountain
Hiking up Elk Mountain.

Memorial Day weekend (or #MDW if I want to be trendy) has long been the unofficial start of summer (even though my personal unofficial start of summer is whenever school lets out) and I’m happy to say that I’ve already been able to start crossing off items from my 2013 Summer to-do List.

Elk Mountain
Apparently we climbed The Wyalousing

My mother and I hiked to the top of Elk Mountain.  It was sunny but windy, more fall-like than spring, but perfect hiking weather none-the-less.  We made it up to the top in about 40 minutes but unfortunately couldn’t stay and enjoy the view with a beverage like the guy we ran into on top.  We were both starving and I was due to drive back to Lancaster that night.  Still, it was a nice way to kick off the summer.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon, with more time and a beverage.

Elk Mountain hiking
View from the top.

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