Summer To-Do List


Every spring around this time I make a list of things I want to accomplish during my summer off.  This list includes anything from DIY projects around the house, to trips I’d like to take, to simple daytime activities I’d like to do on afternoons when I have nothing planned.

What differentiates this list from others that I’ve made on this page, is that most of the things on this list cost very little money and require very little planning.  It’s something that I like to hang on my fridge or bulletin board and check off whenever I get some free time.  These are things that I really don’t have an excuse not to do (unless it rains all summer).  I usually try to limit it to around 20 items, but might add to it as the summer goes on.

Here’s my summertime list.  *Note: I’m not going to go into heavy explanation for any of these items, as I’m literally copying this list from one I have scribbled on a scrap sheet of paper.  I create this list for me, not for the blog, so in a sense this is the most authentic thing I’m sharing with you.  If you’re not from NEPA (more specifically the greater Forest City area) or Lancaster some of these might be lost on you–that’s what google is for!

1) Hike Mechanical Mountain

2) Do a nighttime hike

3) Scenic drive of some sort (Cayuga)

4) Drive-In movies

5) Build a deck chair with Dad

6) Clambake on the grill

7) Host an outdoor beer-pong/flip-cup/bean bag tournament

8) Hike Panthers and Stillwater cliffs

9) Do a Susquehanna River hike of some capacity

10) All-star Bar Crawl

11) Country Concert

12) Mini golf & booze at Arlo’s

13) Rock climbing (gym or lessons)

14) Go real-life camping

15) Climb or run Elk Mountain

*Done-I climbed Elk this past weekend with my mother as a belated Mother’s Day Gift.  I’d like to do it again, but this time with some friends and some six packs.

16) Make your friends like tennis

17) Kittatiny Trip

18) Get to Mohegan Sun

19) Impromptu/unplanned roadtrip

20) Hike/Camp/Climb Delaware Water Gap

21) Pub Golf

22) Become a good swimmer

When I add to my list, I’ll add to this.  I’m open to suggestions.

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