Eating and Drinking Our Way Through Lancaster PA



Yesterday my mom and sister came down for the day.  She hadn’t yet seen my current apartment, wanted to get dinner, and presumably shop.  I was wondering what I’d do with them the rest of the day (I’d decided to give them an hour max at the outlets for my own sanity).   We found that there’s a lot to do in Lancaster on a Sunday, as long as you don’t mind loosening the belt a little.

They arrived at about noon.  We started the day with a drive through the country as they’d both never seen any Amish.  Unfortunately there were none out, which is about right.  They’re guaranteed to be out in full force if I ever need to drive somewhere quickly.  Yesterday was all about leisure.

We drove out into the town of Intercourse, both because I always see a lot of Amish that way, and they have a ton of craft shops, which my mom’s  into. Unfortunately, since religion is so predominant here, everything was closed on Sundays.  What wasn’t closed?  The Lancaster Beer and Wine Gallery, which is much more my speed.

We’d driven by it on  our way to hunt for Amish.   My mother was on the phone, but my sister and I noticed two things:

A) It was open and doing a brisk business.

B) FREE wine tastings.

We made the executive decision to stop.

I’ve said before, I’m not exactly a wino, but my sister and mom might be.   They sampled several flavors and ended up leaving with a bottle each (Pear and Niagara, if I’m not mistaken).  Mt. Hope Wine is what they tasted and purchased.  It’s home base is in Manheim, PA, which is why the locale we stopped at is a “gallery” rather than “winery.”

Upstairs is the Rumspringa Brewing Company.  I took a look around, but wasn’t up to drinking any beer just yet.  I looked at the website and you could get a sampler, 5 beers for $6.00.  The Brewing Company was housed in a barn style room and served snacks as well.  It’d probably be a cool place to spend an afternoon (we were there a little before noon), and Intercourse, I’m sure, is fun for those who are into country crafts.  My sister and I made another executive decision:  we’d be back for the mopeds.

To continue our day of completely healthy over indulgence, we stopped at McDonalds for something quick and cheap, before proceeding to the Tangier Outlets.  Fate was on my side as the parking lot was disgustingly crowded.  So disgusting,  that my mother decided she’d come down another time, saving me from an hour of boredom.

We moved back to Lancaster and parked downtown.  Much like the country, most of the shops downtown are closed on Sunday.  My mom found one open, with $120.00 dresses she couldn’t afford, that she insisted on checking.  It was in the same complex as the Spring House Tap Room, where my sister and I took refuge.

Spring House is a small tap room in the heart of downtown Lancaster serving local Spring House beers.  It’s also home to the only shuffleboard table I’ve yet to find in the area.  We got a five beer sampler ($6.75): Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout, Summer Wheat, Mint Stout, Pumpkin Ale, and Pineapple Ale.  The chocolate peanut butter was suprisingly good, the summer wheat is what I normally drink there, and the Pumpkin Beer grew on me the more I drank (usual story, right?).  I didn’t try the pinapple and we ended up leaving the mint.

Spring House Tap Room Lancaster
Sample round at the Spring House Tap Room.

We moved from Spring House to Carmen and David’s Creamery where we didn’t sample alcohol, but ice cream.  The cool thing about Carmen and David’s is that you can get a dollar “mini-scoop” sampler or three “mini scoops” for $2.75.  I had chocolate, cookie dough, and a really good butter pecan.

One wine tasting, one beer tasting, and one ice cream tasting down.  We had one more.

After a quick pit-stop to view my apartment, we headed over to Lancaster Brewing Company.   We inquired into a sampler and were told that they did indeed have one: 14 5oz glasses of all the beer they currently had on tap.  We figured that might be a little much, it being a Sunday, and my mom having to drive back home, so opted on each getting a glass, but I will be returning there soon (it’s across the street from my apartment) to take on the bad boy.

Lancaster Brewing Company
A Lancaster Brewing Company hefeweizen

The day ended at Stubby’s, a corner bar not far from my apartment that has great food.  My mom and sister had baked tomato bisque they claimed was excellent, while I had a crab burger.  It’s a burger topped with crab, cheese, and old bay (basically crab dip) served with potato chips and a garlic-chili-ranch dipping sauce.  I swear, I order this for the dipping sauce alone.

My mom and sister left by seven to get home, while I went to bed, feeling like the next day needed to include a long Lancaster run.

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