Kayaking the Susquehanna…in NEPA


Has anyone  ever purchased and used a Living Social deal?  I’m subscribed to Philly, Lancaster/Harrisburg, and Scranton, but have never purchased one (I have used Groupon before).  They  seem to be pretty good deals, and even if I don’t end up buying one on the day specified, (I wish they’d last more than a day, which is why I have actually bought a Groupon) I get alot of good trip ideas from the both these websites, which I check daily.

Today’s Scranton Living Social was a $40.00 gift card for Susquehanna Kayak and Canoe rental located in Falls, Pennsylvania, about 20 minutes northwest of Scranton.

I did some snooping on their website and was impressed with the prices.  For $40.00 you get a kayak day trip under 5 miles, $50.00 gets you a trip over 5 miles, and for $75.00 you can take an over night trip, involving some camping.  These prices include canoes and/or kayaks, paddles, life jackets, river maps, a shuttle, and trip orientation and planning (which to as a novice to both kayaking, and the Susquehanna River, I think is the best “inclusion”); $75.00 dollars really isn’t bad a for an overnight trip.

I don’t know that it’s something I personally would take a weekend to do (my friends tend to favor less athletic, more floating-and-drinking-type raft trips), but being that I have the entire summer off, it’s something I definitely look to do on a lazy weeknight, even just with one other person.

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