Me vs. Mono


I apologize for my lack of posts in the past few weeks.  A pretty nasty case of mono pretty much destroyed my February.  For those of you who’ve never been privy to the disease, it sucks in the worst way.  I’ve had absolutely no energy and have been sleeping an average of 12 hours a day.  This probably sounds like a dream to some of you, but I’m not a big sleeper by nature, and not being able to be out doing things really screws with me.

I started feelings like shit the second week of February, which sucked because I had a trip to Pittsburgh planned to celebrate my younger cousin’s 21st birthday.  I was able to make the trip, but unfortunately was unable to take any pictures and didn’t really cover any new ground Pittsburgh-wise.  The night of his birthday we spent at some Pitt bars in Oakland, and spent Sunday (his actual birthday) at The Hofbrauhaus before hitting up a Penguins game.

What I wasn’t able to make was the Wolfetones show in Harrisburg I wrote about in the last post I published.  I also had plans to go rock climbing outside Philly, hit up Atlantic City and explore Lancaster more that had to be deferred to another time.

The good news is, while I’m still trying to adjust to my current 8:30 bedtime, I’m feeling much better and the mono has decided to spare March.  This is key, as almost my entire month is planned out.  I’ll be traveling to Philly this weekend to particpate in Erin Express.  The following weekend will find me traveling back to my hometurf for my favorite day of the year: Scranton parade day.  I’ll be celebrating St. Pat’s up in Boston and attending a Dropkick Murphy’s concert in Lowell that Saturday afternoon.  I’ve already started doing some research on the Lowell and Boston bar scenes.  The AC trip is tentatively being rescheduled for one of the last weekends in March, and I’m seeing Bruce on the 29th.  I hope to possibly use the remaining weekend to explore rock climbing and the local bar scene.  Can’t really complain about that March.

Not only was my actual fun halted, but so was my planning.  I don’t know about you, but researching and planning a trip is half the fun for me.  Up for planning:  a skydiving/some other sort of trip in southern PA with my college buddies, spring/summer camping (my friends and I anually raft and camp on the PA/NY border, I’ll have a post soon about this…great, cheap, easy trip), kayaking in Havre de Grace MD, Preakness (third year going, post on how to survive this day also coming soon), and my summer goal of going abroad.  I have used some of my laying-in-bed time to think and decided that it’s only right that my first foray in into the non-Canadian foreign world be Ireland.  I’ll be updating as I plan this trip.

Now that I’ve successfully won the mono-battle, expect at least weekly posts, most likely with an Erin Express update either Sunday or Monday.  I also realize I need to give you more St. Patrick’s Day music to learn, March is so close!


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