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Weekly Check-In: SIC Memories, and Why Coldplay Made Me Cry

I never understood the massive vitriol people have for Coldplay. See here, or here, or here for examples.  I find them almost completely neutral music-wise, decent elevator music that I’d almost never seek out myself, but that I might sing along with if it’s on, and certainly wouldn’t scoff at.  I even really like their

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Why Everyone Sunday Funday in Sea Isle City at Least Once

During my college years Sunday Funday was a regular part of my vocabulary and something that occurred on the regular.  Nowadays (especially during the school year), it’s become something of a novelty that seems to primarily happen on three day weekends, which in essence, defeats the purpose of a “Sunday Funday.” A proper Sunday Funday, for those

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Weekend Trip Idea: Sea Isle City New Jersey

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your beach getaway.  While you may want to take a whole week and go to a quintessential beach locale like Cape Cod or the Outer Banks, it’s always good to have an easy and local beach trip in your arsenal.  My suggestion is

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