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Heavy Alcohol Consumption on Cayuga Lake

You know that old college adage, “liquor before beer, you’re in the clear, beer before liquor, never been sicker”? I found out my second day in the finger lakes that it’s a whole lot of bull. I did a cider tasting, wine tasting, and had a pint of Guinness with lunch, all before sampling some

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Weekend Trip Idea: The Finger Lakes

I’ve briefly touched upon a trip to the Finger Lakes in my Cayuga Scenic Byway post but have a renewed interest in them after this past weekend. It was my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary last week and my brother, sister and I threw them a surprise party Saturday (sidenote: throwing an actual adult party is much harder

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Caguya Lake Scenic Byway

Last week, one of the yahoo stories of the day (those fluff pieces that scroll across the screen on the homepage) was entitled “10 Great All-American Roadtrips”.  I’m a big fan of roadtrips, but am consitently dissapointed that on the majority of these lists, most of the roadtrips take place either out west or down

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