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Weekly Check In: Random Thoughts on Artisinal Ketchup & Chocolate Milk

I consider myself to be a super chill restaurant customer.  I understand that more often than not, the slow service has nothing to do with the competence of the waitstaff serving me.  I also understand that everyone has an off day, so if my order is screwed up, or a drink gets spilled, I don’t

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Life Musings in the Catskills

I know it’s cliché, and in fact it’s the very type of cliché I’m usually very disdainful of, but hiking really is conducive for all sorts of deep thinking.  There’s something about being alone in nature, with no Ipod, or smartphone (or rather, no service, as I always keep my phone in my pocket), or

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My Problem With Travel Writers

Two years ago I signed up for an online travel writing course on a whim.  All and all, that was a good thing, because it led to the creation of this, which I’ve had so much fun producing and has resulted in several cool opportunities. I’d always been a strong writer, and I knew that

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