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Deep Thoughts on an Evolving NEPA

I grew up in semi-rural North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA), on a tiny blip on the map called Browndale. I usually have to tell people I’m from Forest City, a slightly larger speck on the map known for being the starting spot of the Steamtown Marathon, having what the Forest City News thinks is the largest memorial to

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Weekend Trip Idea: Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

It’s officially parade season, where the majority of blog posts will be dedicated to St. Patrick’s day shenanigans and I will be posted less frequently because I will be attending such shenanigans every weekend and thus have less free time than usual. One Pennsylvania “Irish” tradition I frequently embrace is Philadelphia’s Erin Express, a popular barcrawl originally started

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Weekend Trip Idea: Scranton Parade Day 2014 (and all the secondary Pennsylvania St. Pat’s Parades)

I know I’ve covered the Scranton St. Patrick’s Day Parade but it’s my absolute favorite day of the year and I will forever strive to be it’s greatest champion.  At this point you have approximately 3.5  weeks to prepare yourself for the greatest Irish party on the east coast. I don’t care that New York and Boston and

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