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Fall Weekend Trip Idea: ATV’s and Craft Brews in NEPA

I was doing a little bit of a mini northern tier tour last weekend with my dad. He got a mid-life crisis BMW convertible so we took it up north to the Orson Inn and Lakewood Lodge where we got some wings. We were on the same barhopping schedule as a group of guys ATVing

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Skydiving in Pennsylvania

Two years ago my brother, and two college buddies took a weekend trip to Pittsburgh.  At that point, It’d just been to Pittsburgh for the first time a few months prior and had been singing the city’s praises.  We wanted to see somewhere new and had a weekend full of activities planned.  On Saturday we went ATVing

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Mines & Meadows: Western PA ATV Tours

Anyone familiar with PA’s coal region should know that Anthracite coal was essentially the reason for both the region’s rise and downfall.  Even though miles of mines run underneath North Eastern Pennsylvania, the entrances to the majority of these mines are sealed.  The poorly sealed entrance to one sat in the woods below where I

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