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Weekend Trip Idea: Vermont’s Mad River Valley

I covered Vermont’s Mad River Valley in my 8 Ideas for Winter Fun Trips post back in December, but liked what I read so much that I’ve decided to provide it with its own Weekend Trip Idea coverage. And there’s still ample winter-time left to plan a semi-last minute jaunt up north (even though this so called polar-vortex

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New Year’s Resolutions 2014 Part 2

Picking up where we left here: 11) Five DIFFERENT Water Cooler Activities- “Water Cooler News” is defined as the sort of news or gossip that gets people talking socially at work because it’s interesting. Thusly, I’ve termed the term “water cooler activities” as the types of activities I do and post about that get people talking

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8 Ideas for “Winter-Fun” Getaways

Like it or not winter is coming, so it’s time to get prepared. My friends and I have started to plan our annual pilgrimage to Lake Placid, for our annual “winter fun” trip. This will be our third year going and honestly I’m in love with the town and area. It’s got everything I look

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