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A Week in Iceland: Saturday (Day 3)

It’s worth noting that I woke up around 6:30 Saturday morning to use the bathroom.  As I was exiting the hostel room, one of our dorm mates was coming in from his Friday night out.  Reykjavik nightlife really is that intense. I’d experience this first hand soon enough. I figured I felt fine during my

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A Week in Iceland: Thursday (Day 1)

Thursday Our Icelandic adventure began with an 11:40 red eye out of JKF on Wednesday night.  The flight was approximately 4.5 hours long and we landed in the international airport in Keflavik around 8:40, an hour before schedule.  I have to say, landing in Iceland was a little anticlimactic.  I guess it was naïve to expect towering mountains, geysers, and hot

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