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Vermont in Pictures (With Heavy Cameoing on Upstate NY’s behalf)

  I spent last weekend up in Vermont.  One of my good college friends has a family lake house up there, and has been trying to get my college crew to go up and stay there, well, since college, which in my case, means for the past ten years.  We finally relented and went for

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The Best Things I Ate in 2016

I’ve noted a few times this year how my travel style/weekend activities has changed a bit as I get older.  I used to not care about where I stayed, and while I still very often just use a room as a place to crash, I do enjoy more and more finding interesting places to stay.

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10 Reasons You Should go to Ireland

While I do mostly run around the greater Pennsylvania area and am on a mission to write about said area, I have very much enjoyed my somewhat recent forays into international travel.  While I’m a big advocate of local travel, I also think that if you have the time and resources, everyone should try to travel abroad, even

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