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Throwback Thursday: Icelandic Addition

This might be a bit of a throwaway post, but that’s OK. Last weekend I was scheduling my social media postings for the week (if you think I have time to tweet and facebook multiple times a day, you’re crazy) and decided that for #throwbackthursday, I wanted to post a picture from my trip to

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Things I Wish I Did in Iceland

Iceland was an amazing vacation that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  That being said, we were in Iceland for one short week and while I’m happy with everything we did, I could have easily spent another week or two (or 3, or a month) there exploring all it has to offer.  Here’s my wish-list of

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A Week in Iceland: Monday (Day 5)

Monday was another Arctic Adventures day: on the agenda: The Blue Lava Tour .  We would be horseback riding in the morning and snorkeling in the afternoon.  We woke up early and returned our rental car and, happy with our choice to rent a car the day before, we booked one for Tuesday and Wednesday

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