Weekly Check In: Mummer’s Parade in Photos

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I’ve sort perfected a way to both celebrate, and skip, the ridiculousness that is New Year’s. The past few years, I drive down to Philadelphia on New Year’s Eve and stay at my sister’s. We typically go out for a few drinks, or get a nice dinner, and then head to bed pretty soon after the ball drop.  We then wake up early the next day, and barhop around Philly on New Year’s day to celebrate the Mummer’s parade. I’ve written about this previously. The last few years, my sister and her fiance have thrown a party, and while it’s always a great time, and nice way to spend the year, I’ve also stopped seeing the actual parade, which is too bad, because it’s so over-the-top ridiculous.

I stopped in a CVS around 8:15 on my into the city and came across a group of Mummer’s shot gunning beers in the parking lot. The secret to staying warm!

This year I didn’t drive down to Philly on NYE, but rather spent a low-key night at home, and got up super early to be on the rode by 5. I was at my sister’s by 8:30, their party was starting around 11:30, so I made the decision to walk from their place near 2nd and South, to Broad to meet a friend who was coming over, and finally see some action again.

If you remember, New Year’s was bitterly cold this year, and so while I was completely bundled up, somewhere around 11th, I was thinking to myself, dude, this was a terrible decision. Despite heavy gloves and boots my hands and feet were numb and hurting, and my face was essentially frozen in place. But you know what? The second I got to the parade, I reversed and realized that I’d absolutely made the right choice. It’s just as weird, and strange, and hilarious as ever.

I only managed to stay for about an hour, but am glad I did, and if you want to get a better feel for what Mummer’s is like, from someone who actually knows how to take pictures, head over to this great Mummer’s post by UncoveringPA.

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