Weekly Check In- Prantl’s Bakery

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I was bored during my lunch break at work, and against my better judgement found myself taking Buzzfeed quizzes, one of which, was entitled, “You’re a True Pennsylvanian if You’ve Eaten 20/28 of These Foods.”  The quiz is obviously bullshit, because I scored a 15, and thus was told I’ve probably “visited Pennsylvania frequently” (try LIFELONG RESIDENT BUZZFEED), but it did introduce me to the Prantl’s Bakery Burnt Almond Torte, for which I’ll forever be thankful.

Prantl’s Bakery is a Pittsburgh Institution. How do I know? Because it says just that right on the website.  I was introduced to it several years ago while my brother was in law school at Pitt. He lived in Shadyside, which is where Prantl’s original location is located. I want to say he was introduced to it his second year there, and would start bringing cupcakes from there home when he’d visit. I like to say that I’m not a sweets person, but that is also bullshit. I’m very much a sweets person, I’m just more a savory person.  However I have really never been a cupcake person. I think they’re overrated, and mostly dry.  I am an avowed Prantl’s cupcake person for all the reasons I’m not a cupcake person in general. They’re bite sized, think more Tasty Cake, than giant cupcake served with a spoon. I do not feel bad eating four of them in a sitting. They’re incredibly moist. I know that’s a trigger word, but for cake, it’s a good thing. And they have a perfect cake, to icing, to custard (most of them have some sort of custard) to topic ration, and you typically get some of each in any bite. They’re really unlike any cupcake I’ve ever had. I wish I was better at writing about food.  My favorite two flavors are almond and chocolate peanut butter, although I don’t know that I’d turn any away.

Anyhow, Prantl’s Bakery Burnt Almond Torte appeared on this Buzzfeed quiz. I was unaware of this torte, but am very aware of both Prantl’s, and the fact that I love their almond cupcakes, so found myself for the first time on the Prantl’s website. I don’t know what took me so long. The Burnt Almond Torte is apparently just a giant version of their almond cupcake.  You can order it for deliver to your home for the low price of $49.99. I was also under the impression that Prantl’s was a cupcake bakery. It has so many more things to offer, and I’m already now trying to plan a trip to Pittsburgh, with the underlying goal of being spending up to $60.00 on baked goods.  I also discovered what I knew as cupcakes, are actually defined as “pastry cups,” which is why they were like no cupcake I’ve ever had (still very similar).

If you are in Pittsburgh, or planning a trip there soon, make sure Prantl’s is on your itinerary.

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