Winter Fun Trip Idea 2015: Seven Springs Resort

This is not at Seven Springs, nor is it on a "winter-fun" trip (Thanksgiving break behind my house) but it is indicative of what a winter-fun trip should entail.
This is not at Seven Springs, nor is it on a “winter-fun” trip (Thanksgiving break behind my house) but it is indicative of what a winter-fun trip should entail.

So, it’s officially time to start booking and planning those ski outings for winter 2015, or as I like to call them “Winter Fun Trips.” See, I don’t downhill ski, but I love the idea of a “ski trip.” I like winters, I like outdoor activities, and I like the look and feel of ski towns. So basically, every winter I look for a ski tripesque destination that has a host of other activities I could partake in. My favorite winter fun destination is Lake Placid, as it puts an equal emphasis on cross country skiing and other winter Olympic sports. I’ve been twice before and am excited to head back again this year. Last year I made a list of 8 winter fun destinations that I felt had a host of interesting activities to chose from, and thought it’d be a good idea to do the same thing this year, but remain in Pennsylvania.

Now it was a tricky choice as most ski resorts can’t simply rely on just skiing anymore-they have good restaurants, snowtubing, ziplining, spas etc., effectively rendering almost all of them winter fun destinations with a ton of activity variety, however one stood out for me as somewhere I’d actually pay to go and stay at for a weekend of not downhill skiing, and that happened to be Seven Springs Resort located in western PA’s Laurel Highlands.

I think that part of the appeal, at least for me, in NEPA, is that Seven Springs is about four hours away and requires a little bit of a roadtrip. When I think about ski trips, I usually think of upstate New York or Vermont; I’m all for convenience but sometimes part of the fun is getting the car all packed up and getting there. It’s cheesey, but to me seems more authentic. Also, I thought that out of all the PA resorts I looked at, Seven Springs had the most variety and creativity with it’s activity offerings (I didn’t realize until picking it either that it’s the largest ski resort in PA, which makes sense).

Now, of course the resort is centered around downhill skiing, which is great if that is your thing OR if you’ll have other people with you who really want to do that. Now they have the requisite snowtube park, but it’s their other winter offerings that I felt really set Seven Springs apart. They also offer snowmobile tours of the Laurel Highlands, snow shoeing, and nighttime Snow Cat rides. Seven Springs also has a large sporting clays shooting area which is definitely unique. As for nightlife, Seven Springs has three on premise bars, and I’ve specifically heard many good things about the Foggy Google.

And if staying in one place all weekend gives you cabin fever, Ohiopyle State Park and Laurel Ridge XC Ski Center are both nearby.




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