5 Fall Activites to do in NEPA

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I realize I’ve been sort of heavy on the NEPA-centric posts lately, but I’m here now, and for the time being haven’t been traveling as much as I’d like. I do have a fun new project in the works that I’m excited to announce once it’s ready (although to be fair, this is a fun, NEPA-based project), but once October rolls around I have a few trips in the works, and have some state-wide Halloween content in the works, so for now, just bear with the over saturation of NEPAness (not, that this is exactly a bad thing).

NEPA was pretty much made for fall. We get that perfect fall “sweatshirt weather.” The hills are just rolling enough to emphasize the scenicness (we know it’s not a word, we’re sticking with it) of the fall foliage, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not those pumpkins and apples you’re picking are fresh or not, because we grow a plethora of both right here.

NEPA's Fall Foliage is peaking at the moment.
NEPA’s Fall Foliage is peaking at the moment.

Fall’s the perfect time to visit NEPA if you’ve never been, and here are five fall based activities to enjoy when you’re here. (For more comprehensive NEPA things to do, try here, here, here, or here).

1) Go hiking– This one’s probably a little obvious, which is why we’re putting it first on the list. Some of my favorite hiking, based right in outside Carbondale is the NEPA Rail-Trail between Simpson and Uniondale. Merli Sarnoski Park , located right out of town is another great spot to hike and if you’re in Scranton, check out the trails (and treehouse) along the gorge in Nay Aug Park. If you have a little bit more time, head over to the Delaware Water Gap State Park . Mount Tammany (which is actually just over the border in Jersey) was recently named one of the best views of PA by Penn Live.

2) Head to Roba’s Tree Farm– There’s a ton of corn mazes and pumpkin farms in the area, but growing up we always took a trip to Roba’s over in Clarks Summit. They have the requisite pumpkin picking, but they also have pumpkin cannons you can shoot, as well as a host of other activities, especially for those of you with kids. Roba’s also has one of the largest corn mazes in Northeast PA. Give yourself an hour for this at least. Trust me.

3) Wine Taste at Maiolatesis’sMaiolatesis’s is a local winery with retail locations in Honesdale, Carbondale, and Scott Township. If you’re looking to taste some local PA wine and take in some breath taking scenery, head over to their Scott Township tasting room location, which is located on the top of a hill, with a great wrap around deck and awesome views of the changing leaves.

4) Drink Some Pumpkin Beer– It seems like everyone’s obsessed with pumpkin beer this year, and we don’t mean to get all hipster on you, but I feel like I’ve been loving it long before it became cool. NEPA does have a burgeoning beer scene and many of them are producing pumpkin ales. Some favorites include Stegmaiers,Susquehanna Brewing Company (which has a tasting room in Pittston), and Three Guys and a Beerd And if you want to find a great selection fall and pumpkin beer from all over, head to CFM Beer Express  in Simpson.

5) Take a Ghost Tour of Scranton– Scranton’s an old city with an interesting history and a seedy underbelly that’s never really quite hidden from view, so it’d make sense that it’s pretty haunted, if you believe in that sort of thing. Take a ghost tour of the city to find out more information about things that go bump in the night (sorry, I couldn’t help it).

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