Frat Music

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This is going to be extremely short and sweet, but it’s something I’m currently obsessed with.

It’s an actual plus (unpaid, of course) for an app.

And it’s not a travel app, it’s a music app.

Even worse?

It’s called Frat Music.

Bear with me.

I keep saying that I’ve been trying to focus just a little bit more on the “fun” aspect of this blog, the aspect that doesn’t need to involve travel, and this app applies to that. It could also be travel related as at least for me, a good radio station or playlist is integral to making the actual traveling (whether it be trains, planes, or automobiles) much  more tolerable.

The Frat Music app (and it’s pretty much as douche as it sounds, albeit a little bit more tongue in cheek, but just embrace it) costs $1.99 (a one time fee, and worth it) is essentially a collection of pre-made playlists that you could skip or scroll through Pandora-style.

What makes it so great (for parties, pregames, car-rides) is both the names of the playlists (and the tags which help you find “happy hour” or “day drinking” music) and the combinations of music the app has grouped together. The “Tailgate Season” is actually very similar to music that I would play at just such an event and there’s a small selection of great patriotic based playlists and power hours. But the crowning jewel of Frat Music, in my ever-so-humble opinion is “Middle School” grind, the most hilarious collection of songs that ruled your high school dances. Check it out. I can’t even start to do it justice.

I’m a big fan of creating my own playlists and have one for almost every major event/party/trip I’ve participated in, but if you’re in a pinch, and want a good laugh, download Frat Music and thank me later.

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