Weekend Trip Idea: Las Vegas

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So you might be reading this and thinking something along the lines of, “A weekend in Vegas? Is that feasible? Is it logical? If I fly, shouldn’t I go for longer?”  My answers, in short, are yes, yes, yes and a resounding no.

While Vegas has a reputation for being flashy, it’s also known for its budget travel.  The casinos make so much revenue that costs for many others things (lodging, food, drinks) are extremely low.  Furthermore, because it’s so popular you can find a ton of cheap flights.  I went to Vegas for spring break my senior year of college.  We were there for four days and three nights and I believe between flight and hotel we paid about $390 each.

Now, that was five years ago and I’m sure costs have gone up yet it’s still possible to get some really great deals (I just did a random three day weekend search on Kayak for October and was able to find flights for $320).  You just have to tell yourself before planning that you are flying halfway across the country (It’s faster to go to Iceland!) and that it is Vegas.

Be careful, there’s so much to do in Vegas that the costs could certainly escalate quickly, but if you’re going for simply a weekend of gambling, drinking, and lounging at the pool (and really that’s the foundation of any Vegas trip) you could certainly do this at a very attainable budget (just watch the gambling).

If you’ve never been, than it’s more imperative than ever that you start making plans to book this trip.  Even if Vegas isn’t really your thing, it needs to be seen to be believed.  It’s like Disneyland for adults, and not just because it might be the happiest place on Earth, but also with how committed to their themes the hotels and casinos are.  And don’t kid yourself by saying you’ve done AC.  I like Atlantic City but they are two very different beasts.

Why not make a week out of it?  I’m a firm believer that any longer in  Vegas than 3 or 4 nights in Vegas is TOO long in Vegas.  While Vegas might be affordable, it is all about excess: excessive eating, excessive drinking, and excessive gambling.  There does seem to be a sleep shortage though.  If you’re going to make this an all out vacation, then for the sake of your body, liver, bank account and sanity plan a day trip to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Death Valley or Los Angeles.  All of these are within a four-hour car ride and will take you through an impressive desert-scape.  We drove from LV to the Grand Canyon when I was in third grade and the car ride through the desert was what I remember most.

I wish I could give you a lot of insider information and recommendations about Las Vegas but it’s just too damn big and there’s too much going on.  I stayed in the Treasure Island last time which was great because it’s almost directly in the middle of the strip.  I wish I could tell you to go to O’Sheas, which was pure trashy magic, but unfortunately that was closed indefinitely in 2012.

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