Weekend Trip Idea: Delaware Beach Camping

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I usually tent it whenever I got to Sea Isle City.  My friends rent a tiny beach house and I’m normally not the only guest.  Pitching a tent in their backyard ensures that I’m not fighting for a couch, and really what’s better than sleeping under the stars (separated by some netting) at the shore?   This got me thinking about a legitimate beach camping trip (because really, we pass out in the tent after last call and other than that spend no time there) and after some research found a weekend trip that combines beach camping and beer tasting.  What could be better?

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has all the trappings of your typical beach town (bars, parasailing, boardwalk, etc) but also has plenty of camping and is the home of Dogfish Head Brewery (which my Facebook stalking has told me is a popular day trip spot from southern PA).

What I really like about the camping is that it’s two state parks that are legitimately near the sand, rather than some hokey campground with a beach motif smashed between motels.

Delaware Seashore State Park is located right in the town of Rehoboth.  Campsites go for $39.00 a night and the park has it’s own marina.

Cape Henelopen State Park is located in Lewes, a few miles from Rehoboth Beach and here you camp right among the beach’s sand dunes, which is pretty cool.

The Dogfish Head distillery and brewery and the Dogfish Head Alehouse are two different locations.  The alehouse is located right in Rehoboth beach and a restaurant that serves the beer and spirits Dogfish Head makes.  Head there Friday night and sample what you like.  Be warned, Delware’s last call is 1:00AM so places start closing at 1.  I was not aware of this last time I was in Delaware and I wasn’t thrilled when it happened.

The brewery is located 20 minutes away in the town of Milton.  Tours are Friday and Saturday 11-5 every half hour and they have a tasting room if you want to stick around a little longer.

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