Full Moon Fun in Pennsylvania

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The full moon party in Lake Placid really got me thinking about how little we utilize the nighttime for outdoor activities.  Skiing underneath a full moon (or lack of full moon in our case) was a lot of fun and a completely different experience then skiing in the daytime.  And it’s not just skiing, there’s an abundance of activity that goes down after dark that it seems we (or more aptly I, don’t take advantage of).  Here’s a list for the next time there’s a full moon (and here’s a full moon calendar).

1) Spring Mountain Ziplining-

I went zip-lining at Spring Mountain two years ago and had a ball.  Not only does Spring Mountain have a lengthy zip-line course, but also a ropes course high in the trees that takes you from one zip-line to the other.  Their Heart of Darkness Tour runs most nights, not just on the full moon, and also involves a nighttime hike to the top of Spring Mountain (whereas normal tours take the chairlift).

2) XC Ski or SnowShoe-

I couldn’t find any organized XC Ski or Snow Shoe full moon expeditions here in PA, but if you have the equipment why not blaze your own course?  This is particularly intense with the light from the moon reflecting off of the snow.  The best bet would be to align your course with a local bar.

3) Kayak/Paddleboard-

I’m always wary about being on the water during a full moon, mostly because of the opening scene in Jaws.  Fortunately, here in Pennsylvania, we don’t have sharks, so you could kayak or paddleboard in peace.

4) Wolf Sanctuary Tour-

Every year, it seems a couple of my students mention going to the Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz, PA.  The sanctuary offers full moon tours.

5) Go on a Hike

6)Camp/Picnic/Build a Bonfire

7) Take a Ghost Tour-

PA is full of history and a whole bunch of locations, from Philly (try here or here), to Jim Thorpe, to Gettysburgh, to Pittsburgh, to lesser known towns like New Hope (which I’ve never heard of till I googled “PA Ghost Tours”), offer historical ghost tours.  A full moon could make it a little less scary.

8) Self Guided Ghost Tour-

You don’t always need a tour guide.  Do some research into the local legends of your area (you can consult the internet or a local high schooler) and have a gander around.

9) Drum Circle-

During summer full moons, the Pocono Environmental Education Center has a full moon drumming circle.  I literally have no idea what this entails, but am sort of intrigued.

*Hint: stay rural.  The moon shines best in the country.

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