Making Moves: 2013 Edition

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The first three months of 2013 are shaping up to be pretty eventful.

I celebrated the new year at nice house party in Conshohocken , and have been pretty sedentary these past two weekends.  Friday I went out in Lancaster and decided that one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to write more about this area because there’s a lot to do.  I know I’ve mentioned before how much I hated Lancaster when I first arrived here.  While ending up here isn’t in the endgame, I’ve learned to really like how much there is do and it’s central location.

In local plans, I’d like to plan a daytrip to The Whip Tavern,  a traditional English pub located in the nowheresville where Chester and Lancaster counties that my roommate always raves about.  While it’s just a bar, I feel as though it’ll warrant its own post as it’s far enough away that it’ll become a day trip.  I also need to get in contact with my cousin who I made tentative plans with over Thanksgiving to visit Lancaster and try the breweries.

I have an upcoming three day weekend and just confirmed with my brother that I’ll be going out to Pittsburgh for at least part of the weekend.  I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, but I imagine we’ll at least stop at The Church Brew Works, as my brother got me a gift card for Christmas.  I’m lobbying for a daytrip to West Virginia mainly so I could take a picture and upload it to Facebook with the caption, “Country Roads, Take Us Home” (sad, but true), and because my brother and cousin (who’s also at Pitt) did the same this fall and were making me jealous with text-pictures.

After that is our return to Lake Placid on the weekend of February 23rd.  We’re driving up early Friday, hopefully so that we can get at least an hours worth of cross country skiing in before an early barcrawl and bedtime.  Saturday morning we’re taking a four hour guided snowshoeing expedition courtesy of High Peaks Adventure Center.  Our afternoon is up for grabs, although I’ve vowed that I’ll take a dog sled ride.  Last year we noticed signs for this right before we left.  I imagine we’ll also have to do some recouping and visit a few of the Olympic sites.  Saturday night we’re heading to Cascade Ski Center for full moon cross country skiing.  Along the trail they promise bon-fires, hot dogs, hot chocolate and most importantly beer.  The lodge also has a bar and a band that I’m sure we’ll hit up for a bit before returning to town and celebrating some more.

After that we come to March, which I’m devoting an entire post too.  It’s in the works and should be done this week.

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