Peach Music Festival

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More to add to the Summer 2012 to do list.

One of my favorite summer activity is concerts in the lawn section at Montage Mountain. In fact, I used to have personal policy that if I new at least two songs and the tickets were under $30.00, I’d go just for the hell of it.  Unfortunately, the quality of concerts in the past few years has been inconsisten at best.  The last concert I’ve seen there was Kings of Leon two years ago, and as much as I love their CD’s, the concert was really no difference than popping one into your car for a drive.

I was looking over the lineup last week and wasn’t excited.  It seems lately it’s all heavy metal, Dave Matthews (who I believe is the most overrated, not bad, but overrated artist ever), and Warped Tour.  I figured I’d have to get my summer concert fix elsewhere, when a friend’s Facebook post introduced the most glorious news ever in the form of the Peach Music Festival.

The Peach Music Festival is a three day musical event held at the Toyota Pavillion at Montage Mountain.  The festival is headlined by the Allman Brothers Band (sorry music buffs, but no idea what they sing off the top of my head) and includes artists such as Zac Brown Band, and OAR; both of whom epitomize the summer lawn seat experience for me.  The actual lineup has yet to be announced, and I’d venture that if anything there will only be more, not less additions.

A great part of the festival is that if you purchase a ticket this Wednesday, it’s $99 for a three day pass which includes all the bands, as well as admission to Sno Cove, the water park located on the grounds.   As my parents live 20 minutes from Montage, I like this because I could purchase a ticket and go and come at my whim, but if you want a real hippie-dippy music festival experience you could purchase a campsite for $35.00 (which I’m still thinking about doing).  You are allowed to grill and have alcohol at the campsite which is a major bonus (but I could do so tailgating as well, so still on the fence about this one).

That’s about all the information I was able to garner this morning.  Check back to both the website and facebook as I’m sure there’ll be updates soon.

I love when good things happen to NEPA.

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