Bruce Tribute in Philadelphia

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It’s a great week for all you fellow Bruce fans.  Not only did he begin his 2012 world tour and release a new song, but those of you living or traveling in the Philly area between now and September can immerse yourself into his world even more.

The National Constitution Center is showcasing a featured exhibit entitled From Asbury Park to the Promised Land, The Life and Times of Bruce Springsteen from February 15- September 23rd.  The exhibit is normally only shown at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.

In addition to the exhibit, the Constitution Center is holding a series of six events further celebrating the boss.  You can view them in the above link.  Against my better judgement I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing tickets to the opening night as it’s boardwalk themed and features a performance from the B-Street Band, who I am fans of.

For those of you who are somehow still not enchanted by Bruce, I’m leaving you with one of my favorite of his live performances: I’m Going Down, Kansas City, 1984.

I’ve been youtubing Bruce performances from the 80’s all morning.  I’m never one of those who claims to have been born in the wrong decade, but dammit if these clips are making me wish a little that my 1986 birthday was ’76 instead.

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