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The average guy has about a four-five year gap in his mid twenties between getting a salaried job and settling down before all ideas you and your buddies concoct on nights out slowly start to become more of a dream and less a reality.

Two years ago I purchased the book Die Happy: 499 Things Every Guys Gotta Do While He Still Can because it was on sale on Amazon and came up as one of those “you may like” selections. This book is by no means high literature (and I doubt it was ever meant to be) and is probably not even one of the better travel books out there, but is a fun read and has given me alot of ideas. It’s written by two brothers and the general premise is to list destiatinos/weekend ideas that would be idea for a guy’s trip (bachelor, birthday party, etc.). The ideas are well thought out and researched and interspersed with funny stories. Here’s the Amazon link.

What I like best about the book is the “stay at home” suggestions (rent a sports car for the weekend for the hell of it, do a Monster Wheels bar crawl). They’re stuff you could do on the fly when life needs to be livened up a bit. I keep this on the shelf with my other resrouce books in case I’m ever stale for ideas.

Ps. While the book is marketed for guys, I’ve loaned it to several female friends who considered it a hit.

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