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Since graduating college 3 years ago I spend at least two weekends a month traveling. This mainly started because I still wish I was in college, but my friends are scattered around and beyond the tri-state area. I travel to visit my friends and we also try and plan several trips a year where a bunch of us get together at either one of our places, or somewhere new. Out of my group of friends, I’m one of the “planners”. I enjoy (and like to think I’m good at) coming up with ideas, trips, mapping out the itineraries, and doing all the preliminary research that needs to do.

I’ve wanted to break into the blogging world for some time now but was never able to consolidate my ideas into something concise. A few months ago I was out with my cousin, who blogs for a ski resort in Colorado, and we got to talking about writing professionally. She suggesting blogging and asked me something to the effect of “what are you passionate about?” I replied that my problem was that all I’m really passionate and knowledgeable about is hanging out and having fun with my friends on the weekends, and that’s how this idea was born.

There are plenty of travel sites out there; I use them when planning our excursions. The one problem I have with them is that for the most part, they are geared towards either families or world travelers. I always thought how great it would be if there was a site geared more towards people like me; working 20-somethings who have a budget, can’t always take off work at the drop of a hat, and just love fun in general; people who don’t mind in staying in a scary hotel once in a while (Atlantic City trips are perfect for this) but would rather have a nicer one, are maybe more into outdoor activities than museums (although they rightfully have their place), and believe that every good road trip should involve at least a stop at several local watering holes.

I’m currently based in Lancaster PA, but am originally from the Scranton area. I’m always pretty incredulous when I hear people complaining about living in PA. The most common complaints (mainly from students) is that its “boring” and “they’d rather be in Florida or California.” We’re situated in one of the coolest parts of the country. A) The history of the Northeast easily trumps much of the rest of the country B) We’re lucky to be part of the “megalopolis” (I just wanted an excuse to use the word) the large populated area of the USA consisting of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. You can easily argue that these are some of the most diverse, important, and fun cities in the United States and all are within a day’s drive (sadly, one of my criteria for “important” cities was that with the exception of Los Angeles, the majority of US television shows are set in them). Throw in some of the more “secondary” or “smaller” cities: Scranton, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Rochester, etc., and you have enough weekend travel to easily keep you busy.

In the past few years I’ve been to all the above mentioned locales and more and had a blast in all of them. What I hope to accomplish in this blog is to share my travels, planning, and thoughts and hopefully become the sort of resource that I’m always looking for. I’m also hoping to branch into paid travel writing; isn’t it always the goal to be able to make dough doing something you love?

I’ve entitled this blog PAweekendfun, simply because it’s where I live, work, went to school, drink, and primarily travel, but I hope it turns out useful for those living and having fun in the northeast region along with any of those who are thinking of visiting any of the locales mentioned.

As I’m often relegated (as I’m sure much of you are) to keeping my weekend activities local due to budgetary restraints (that I all too often break) I’m also including ideas that don’t require heavy traveling or funds. Thanks for checking this out and let me know what you think.

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